Dental Sense provide support to a number of local charities and not-for-profit groups in the City of Swan. Some of our main community programs are listed below:

Dental Sense Community Programs:

Midland Women’s Health Care Place:

Midland Women's Health Care Place Logo

The Midland Women’s Health Care Place is a local not-for-profit organisation. They provide a wide range of (low cost) health services to local women. In addition to this they also provide facilities, such as showers, for women to use.

Furthermore they provide support to other local community groups including the womens refuge.

Dental Sense regularly provide free oral hygiene bags, which includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash. These bags are then given away for free to women who visit the centre. These bags are also made available at the womens refuge.

We see this as a vital service, providing important oral health products to women in need. We therefore hope that this will help many to maintain healthy teeth and gums, and avoid unwanted trips to the dentist

Dr Adam Peermamode outside of the Midland Women's Health Care Place

School Visitation Program:

Dental Sense Community Programs

As a part of our commitment to the local community we provide FREE dental education sessions to the following groups:

  • Day Care
  • Kindergarten
  • Preprimary
  • Primary School – Year 1
  • Primary School – Year 2

We are very passionate about delivering these free dental education sessions to the kids in our local area. Our staff have done a significant number of them over the past 6 years. We are running about 1 per fortnight at the moment.

Our aim is to make sure that our activities are engaging and educational for the kids, and the best part for them is they go away with a brand new toothbrush (pepper pig or minions) and toothpaste

If you know a primary school, day care or kindy that is in the city of swan and would like a visit from us, please feel free to contact Brett or Cherise at our clinic and we can arrange a time

Pro-bono Dental Work:

We take on a number of pro-bono cases each year, which all up accounts for well over $20,000 of free treatment to individuals who are in need.

The patients are referred to us through specific not-for-profit and community groups and we take on their treatment at no cost, and see it right through.

These patients are then placed on recall, just like any of our other patients, and we continue to provide free preventative treatment, such as annual check-up and cleans.

These people are either victims of domestic violence, homeless or in difficult financial positions. We base our decision to treat someone as a pro-bono case based on their overall personal circumstances.

Unfortunately we do not take requests from individuals nor from not-for-profits we do not already deal with. As a small family run business we are not able to take on all of the cases that we are presented with, however we take great pride with those we do and make sure that they are treated with the same respect as any other patient

For community organisations dealing with homeless people, please contact St Patrick’s Community Centre on 08 6372 4800.

If you have a health card or concession card then please call your local government dental clinic, the Swan Government Dental Clinic number is 08 9274 0099

If you would like any more information on the Dental Sense Community Programs, please feel free to call us on 9250 8844

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