Dental Sense in Midland is a family owned and operated dental clinic. We strive to provide the absolute best treatment possible in a calm and relaxed environment.

All of our dentists are Australian trained, and all have extensive experience. All of our dentists graduated from the University of Western Australia.

Dr Nicole Hocek - Dentist in Midland

Dr Nicole Hocek (BDSc – UWA Hons)
Principal Dentist

Dr Nicole Hocek graduated with honours from the University of Western Australia in 2008. She enjoys all aspects of general dentistry, however has a special interest in oral surgery.

Nicole has been credentialed to operate at both Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital and St John of God Midland, therefore she is able to perform all procedures under a general anaesthetic. She still operates a list at both hospitals regularly, so if you would like to enquire about treatment under a general anaesthetic give our clinic a call on 08 9250 8844.

Nicole also regularly performs treatment under IV Sedation in the clinic (often referred to as sleep dentistry or twilight sedation). The sedation is performed by a trained dental anaesthetist and similar to GA it is great for those who have dental phobia or anxiety.

In addition to general dentistry, Nicole has done additional training and is able to perform the following procedures:

  • Wisdom teeth extractions
  • Therapeutic injectables for treatment of bruxism
  • Dental Implants

Nicole has practiced in Mandurah, Kwinana and Kalgoorlie.

Family Life:

Nicole is married and the proud mother of 2 beautiful girls, who she spends most of her free time chasing around. She is also the proud mum to her Cavoodle, Hugo.

She is also a very keen runner and triathlete. Nicole has completed two 70.3 Ironman events, and has run several marathons across WA. Call the clinic on 9250 8844 to book in with Nicole

Dr Adam Peermamode - Dentist in Midland

Dr Adam Peermamode (BDSc – UWA)
Associate Dentist

Dr Adam Peermamode graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2014. He has worked for Nicole and Brett at their Kalgoorlie clinic since graduating, and proven to be a dedicated dentist who always does the best by his patients. He is now located in Perth full-time and practices at Dental Sense.

Adam has also been credentialed to operate at Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital and and would regularly perform procedures under a general anaesthetic.

Adam has a special interest in treating Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, and has done significant training and education in this area. He is currently completing his fellowship in dental sleep medicine. This provides patients with an alternative treatment to CPAP.

In addition he enjoys oral surgery, specifically extraction of wisdom teeth, something he has been mentored by Dr Nicole Hocek for a number of years.

In his time in Kalgoorlie Adam would also practice one day a week in one of the Aboriginal health clinics (Bega Garnbirringu Health Service), providing emergency and ongoing care for indigenous patients. Adam had a real passion for the work he was doing there, he worked closely with the staff to understand and respect the cultural differences when treating patients at Bega.

Family Life:

Adam has a real creative side, spending much of his free time painting, drawing and working on his photography.

Adam has an amazing eye for detail and design (as evidence in his artwork he produces) therefore this is reflected in the attention to detail he has in his work, such as ensuring that crowns and fillings are aesthetically perfect as they are functional.

Adam also enjoys spending time with his beautiful dog Banda. Adam got Banda as a rescue dog from Menzies, in the Goldfields of WA. He had to have one of his back legs amputated just prior to Adam adopting him, however this does not seem to hold him back at all!

Call the clinic on 9250 8844 to book in with Adam today.

Dr Emma Tan - Dentist in Midland

Dr Emma Tan (BDSc – UWA)
Associate Dentist

Emma graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2013. She was chosen in 2014 as one of 50 nationally for the Voluntary Dental Graduate Year Program (VDGYP).

The VDGYP comprises an integrated curriculum and professional placement program developed by the Australasian Council of Dental Schools.

Emma enjoys all aspects of general dentistry. However she especially enjoys working with kids.

She has been at Dental Sense since November 2016, and is a positive personality who builds strong relationships with both staff and patients Emma has practiced in Campbelltown (NSW), Pinjarra and Midland.

Dr David Makse

Dr David Makse (BDSc – UWA)
Associate Dentist

David is a well known and respected dentist in the Swan and Hills regions of Perth.

David has always built meaningful relationships with both his patients and the staff he works with. His passion for dentistry is very clear to his long-term patients.

In Davids own words

I have been a long time resident and have had the  priviledge of raising my  family in the hills community. I have enjoyed every minute . It is a great environment in which to live , grow and recreate. I enjoy  mountain biking, hiking , photography and simply being in nature. Oh, and of course the West Coast Eagles.

I look forward to continuing to nurture and forge many strong relationships with the people in our community

My dental practice philosophy is to provide excellent dental care to people of all ages and needs. In a  kind , caring and understanding fashion. I believe in the patient understanding their treatment options and being an active  partner in the provision of their dental care.  Only in this way can we best serve your individual needs.

David has always valued education and continuing professional development. He is a member of the Dental Study Group of Western Australia, and regularly attends courses.

David is also very committed to sharing his wealth of experience with younger dentists.


David graduated from the University of Western Australia in 1992 and has worked in private practice since. He owned and ran his own clinic for a number of years, prior to moving to Dental Sense.

Dr Jamie Leung – (DMD, B.Sc – WA)
Associate Dentist

Dr Jamie Leung graduated with a Doctor of Dental Medicine with Distinction from the University of Western Australia.

She possesses a passion for all aspects of general dentistry, finding fulfilment in delivering the highest level of quality in the work she does.

Jamie takes her time to understand her patients requirements and has excellent communication skills.

Remaining committed to professional growth, Jamie actively seeks new knowledge and stays abreast of the latest advancements in her field by regularly attending continued professional development courses.

Alongside her expertise in working with adults, Jamie harbours a special fondness for pediatric dentistry, where she can make a positive impact on children’s oral health.

In addition, her proficiency in Cantonese enables her to effectively communicate with a broader range of patients.

Dr Catherine McCrory

Dr Catherine McCrory – (B.D.Sc – WA Hons)
Associate Dentist

Dr Catherine McCrory graduated in 2013 from the University of Western Australia with Honours. Catherine has worked at Dental Sense since 2021, previously working in Gosnells and Waneroo for a number of years.

Catherine has also worked in the UK where she lived for a few years.

Catherine enjoys all aspects of general dentistry

Dr Joachim Peermamode – (DMD, B.Sc – WA)
Associate Dentist

Dr Joachim Peermamode joined us as a dentist shortly after graduation from the University of Western Australia in 2021. Joachim has however worked for us since 2018 as he did dental nursing while he was studying dentistry.

Joachim enjoys all aspects of general dentistry.

Dr Charles Tricoli

Dr Charles Tricoli (DMD, B.Sc – WA) Associate Dentist

Born and raised in Western Australia, Charles chose to pursue a career in dentistry enjoying many of the different aspects of general practice.

Education and Expertise: Charles earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree with Distinction from the University of Western Australia. Prior to his dental studies, he pursued a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Exercise and Health. This academic journey instilled in him a comprehensive understanding of health, encompassing general wellness, oral care, lifestyle choices, and psychological balance.

Passion for Preventive Care: Charles is an all-rounder when it comes to dentistry, enjoying the variety that comes with general practice. He has a warm and friendly personality and aims to make his patients as relaxed and comfortable as possible during their appointment.

Beyond Dentistry: Outside of dentistry, Charles leads an active lifestyle. He keeps fit through a combination of running and swimming. He also enjoys spending time with his family, reading books and playing the drums.

Professional Affiliations: Charles is an active member of the Australian Dental Association. His commitment to ongoing education and professional development ensures that his patients receive the highest standard of care.

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