Are you due for your dental check-up, and looking for the best dentist in Midland?

Dental Sense is your family general dental clinic in Midland! We offer a wide range of services, from simply a dental check up, scale & clean to dental implants.

We offer a relaxed environment in our purpose built clinic, with free patient parking at the door.

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Annual Dental Check-up:

Getting your annual dental exam, scale & clean, is one of the best ways to avoid small problems becoming bigger ones.

How often should I come in for a check-up and clean?

We often hear this question from patients, and the truth is this very much depends on individual circumstances. Many clinics put 100% of their patients on automatic 6 monthly recalls, however we don’t believe this is necessary for all patients.

Those that have good oral hygiene, and are low risk for decay or gum disease, we will normally recall them annually, rather than 6 monthly.

What is the dentist looking for during my dental check up?

We all know that during the check-up process your dentist will look for the usual issues, such as decay, cracks in teeth, unusual wear patterns and the health of your gums. However, in addition to the above your dentist also performs a check on your tongue, throat, face and neck, looking for any possible signs that could indicate oral cancer.

Oral Health Advice:

In addition to the check-up our dentists will also offer some friendly advice on maintaining your oral health, including advice on brushing and flossing techniques and in some instances dietary advice.

The Australian Dental Association recently produced some videos, which we have included below:

Diet & Nutrition

Tips on brushing

Tips on flossing

How can I book an appointment?

So if you are needing a dental check-up in Midland, give us a call today on 9250 8844, and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist. Alternatively you can book online via our HealthEngine online booking system, by following this link: Dental Sense HealthEngine link

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