Are you looking for safe and effective teeth whitening options in Midland? We offer a range of options to suit all budgets!

Our affordable teeth whitening packages start from $299 for our professional “take home” whitening, up to $599 for our professional “In Chair” whitening.

Afterpay & ZipMoney is also available

Would you like to pay it off in 4 or 6 easy interest free* monthly payments? At Dental Sense we are providers of both Afterpay and ZipMoney.

With Afterpay it will cost you $74.75 per month (for 4 months) for our “take home” whitening, or $149.75 per month for 4 months for our “in chair” whitening.

If you have ZipMoney then it will cost you $49.84 per month (for 6 months) for our “take home” whitening, or $99.83 per month (for 6 months) for our “in chair” whitening.

*Terms, conditions and application criteria do apply. Please feel free to contact our staff on 9250 8844 if you have any questions

Teeth whitening in Midland - ZipMoney provider

“Take home” Professional Whitening

Our “take home” whitening is our most popular option, and as it can be re-applied whenever you need it represents great value!

For $299 you will get custom made whitening trays, which are essentially a thin mouthguard that the whitening agent is applied in to.

You also get 10 syringes of whitening agent. Therefore you can re-apply if you notice that you get further staining, from things like coffee, tea and red wine!

The best part about our “take home” whitening is you are completely in control! You choose how “white” you would like your teeth.

Teeth Whitening in Midland

“In chair” Professional Whitening

If you are after an immediate result then our “in chair” whitening can be a good option.

You will be in the chair for around an hour, maybe slightly longer, depending your circumstances.

You will be monitored the entire session by one of our dentists. They will make sure that everything is being done in a safe and effective manner.

Is everyone able to have their teeth whitened?

Unfortunately not everyone is a good candidate for teeth whitening. The reason is certain factors could mean that they will get a less desirable result.

Also for those who need work, such as fillings done, then we will recommend that this is done prior to starting whitening.

We will always strongly suggest a full check-up and clean is done prior to whitening, if one hasn’t been done in the past 12 months.

If you have had a check-up and clean done at a different clinic in the past 12 months, that is fine, we will just request a copy of their clinical notes to confirm that no issues are present.

Are there any side effects?

Professional teeth whitening at an Australian dental clinic is certainly the safest option. The reason for this is that Australian dental clinics are regulated by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority (AHPRA) and have to meet strict guidelines.

As we are also a member of the Australian Dental Association we also meet their guidelines and recommendations.

We use only TGA approved products, purchased through reputable Australian based suppliers. In addition to this we are able to rectify any issues if they arise.

Other suppliers of teeth whitening are not able to make these commitments. They are also not regulated in any way, so safety and reliability is not guaranteed.

As for the side effects most patients will notice some sensitivity during and after whitening, however this is quite normal and can be managed. The sensitivity will also go after a few days of finishing the whitening process

What do I do now?

Dental Sense offer the most affordable teeth whitening options in Midland

The next step is to book in a whitening consultation with one of our dentists. If you are due for your annual check-up you can just discuss it with them at the time.

To book in give one of our friendly staff a call on 9250 8844. Alternatively you can book online by clicking here

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