Do You Hate Going To The Dentist?

Are you delaying the treatment you need because you “hate the dentist”?

Do you have a fear of needles? have a strong gag reflex? Or are overwhelmed by the thought of long and repeated visits to the dentist?

Then Sleep Dentistry may be for you.

At Dental Sense, we understand that a trip to the Dentist can evoke fear and anxiety for many people.  Our team can offer various levels of sedation to help relieve your anxiety and ensure a pleasant and pain-free experience.

Dental Sense is one of the only clinics in Perth that offer the full range of Sleep Dentistry options. We offer three different types of “Sleep Dentistry” or sedation:

  • Laughing Gas
  • IV Sedation (Sleep Dentistry)
  • General Anaesthetic at St John of God Midland

Laughing Gas (Happy Gas)

Laughing gas has no lasting side effects, it is safe to use on kids and as soon as it is no longer being administered it wears off immediately.

The gas is delivered through a small mask that is fitted over your nose. As you are completely conscious during the procedure, you are able to respond to requests or directions. It makes most people feel relaxed and calm during the dental procedure.

It is particularly effective on kids, and is popular due to the lower cost and short term effect of the gas.

IV Sedation

IV sedation allows you to feel as if you are having a relaxing sleep, leaving you with little memory of the dental procedure. Once the IV medication is administered you will be monitored closely and will become unaware of the sights, smells and sounds around you. You will need to arrange to have someone transport you to and from the appointment.

A specialist medical anaesthetist administers our IV Sedation. Therefore you can also claim a Medicare rebate.

We have regular IV Sedation sessions, with Dental Sense being one of the main providers of Sleep Dentistry in Perth.

What does IV Sedation cost?
The cost is based on the overall treatment time. The table below shows the costs, including the Medicare rebate:

General Anaesthetic

A General Anaesthetic is provided by a specialist Anaesthetist and trained nurses in a hospital setting. This may be recommended for extensive, invasive or complex dental procedures, such as the removal of wisdom teeth.

Dr Nicole Hocek, our principal dentist, is credentialed to operate out of St John of God Midland, and has a regular theatre list there. Nicole has years of experience treating patients under a general anaesthetic, previously operating out of Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital. Nicole is still currently credentialed at Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital.

We are able to do almost all procedures under a general anaesthetic

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