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We will continue to update this page to keep up-to-date information about helping you manage your kids teeth. The page will include the following information:

  • I think my baby is teething, what should I expect?
  • How to help your kids brush their teeth
  • At what age should they brush their own teeth?
  • Do I also need to floss my kids teeth?
  • When should they start to lose their teeth?
  • What do I do in the event of a trauma or dental emergency?
  • What foods should I avoid for my kids (especially the ones you might not think are so bad)?
  • My kids don’t like to brush (or don’t like the foaming sensation of toothpaste), what can I do?
  • When should I first take them to the dentist, and what should I expect?
  • I have been told my child has Hypoplastic teeth, what does this mean?
  • How do some neurological disorders impact dental treatment and brushing?
  • Dental Anxiety or phobia in kids
  • My kid is sucking their thumb, what can I do?


We all want to give our kids the best possible start in life. This includes their teeth. So we hope this free resource will help answer all of the questions you might have. However you can always call or email us if there is something we haven’t covered here.

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I think my baby is teething, what should I expect?

Teething can be a challenging time for any parent. This article will go through some signs to look out for if your baby is teething and what can be done to help.

They are only baby teeth, they will just fall out!

We hear this far too often, that baby teeth will fall out so we need to be less concerned about decay than we would in adult teeth. This is in fact not the case, the development of the baby teeth is really critical for the development of the adult teeth. So this article will explain why it is so important to get issues checked out as soon as possible.

How do neurological disorders in kids impact dental treatment and maintenance?

Some neurological disorders, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), can have a profound impact on kids overall dental health. This will often be due to the inability to get them to brush their teeth, often due to sensory issues. It also can lead to difficulty in getting them to visit the dentist, again often due to sensory issues. In this article we will explore some of the reasons for this and some solutions to help parents through this challenging problem

Kids dentist midland

When should my kids start going to the dentist?

We often get asked by parents “at what age should my child start going to the dentist?”. The next thing we get asked is “what should I expect?”. In this article we will explore these questions and help you prepare for your kids first dental check up.

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When should I start brushing my kids teeth?

Again we often get asked the question “at what age should I start brushing my kids teeth?”. The simple answer to this is as soon as they start to erupt, however this is certainly not a simple situation. In this article we will go through when to start “brushing” but also the best way to do this, the best brushes at different ages, the best toothpaste and when should I let them brush their own teeth.

When should i start brushing my kids teeth

Should I be flossing my kids teeth? And if so how do I do this?

We often find that many parents are not aware at what stage they should be flossing their kids teeth. And then how they should go about doing this. In this article we go through how to help kids floss and answer all of your questions.

How to teach my kids to floss

EMERGENCY! What should I do in the event my kid has a dental emergency or trauma?

This is many parents worst fear! Their kid falls, or is hit in the face, and they either displace or lose a tooth. Don’t panic, this article goes through some good advice for how to handle a dental emergency. It also provides contact information to assist in these situations. Obviously, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 08 9250 8844 to speak with one of our experienced staff if you have any questions.

Kids emergency dental

I have been told my child has Hypoplastic teeth, what does this mean?

Hypoplastic teeth (or hypoplasia) is where the enamel on the kids teeth has not developed correctly. This can be due to a number of factors, such as prenatal issues, premature birth, environmental factors or some illnesses and diseases. Identifying and treating hypoplastic teeth is important, and the earlier the better. This article will go through all of this information to help you understand more about this complex issue.

My kid is terrified of the dentist, how do I help them overcome dental anxiety or phobia?

Dental Phobia (or the correct term “Dentophobia”) is a real issue and needs to be taken seriously and managed appropriately. Not managing dentophobia correctly at an early age will lead to a life time of fear, and often significant deterioration in the overall dental health of your child. This article will give you some resources to help manage your kids fear of the dentist

My kid is sucking their thumb, what can I do?

Thumb sucking is often a way of self soothing, and breaking the habit can be very tricky. By the time that kids start to lose their baby teeth it is quite important to start to work on methods of getting them to stop the habit. This article will explain the issues with thumb sucking and some suggestions to help break the habit.

My kid is sucking their thumb, what can I do?

My kids teeth are not coming through straight, when should I book them in with an Orthodontist?

This is something that a lot of parents are worried about, especially those that have had significant orthodontic treatment themselves in the past. So when is the best time for your kid to see an Orthodontist about their teeth? We will explore this question in this article

When should my kid see an orthodontist

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