Wisdom Teeth Removal in Midland

Dental Sense Midland offer a wide range of options for Wisdom Teeth Removal, including sleep dentistry options such as general anaesthetic and IV Sedation.

At Dental Sense, we have the facilities and expertise to perform routine surgical procedures including complex wisdom teeth removal.

I would like to be asleep during the procedure, does Dental Sense Midland have sedation options available?

Yes we do, we can offer the following options to our patients:

  • Simple Cases: Extractions in the chair using a local anaesthetic (LA)
  • Nervous Patients: Extractions in the chair using a LA and with Happy/Laughing Gas
  • Complex Cases: Extractions in the chair using a LA and with IV Sedation
  • Complex Cases: Extractions in Hospital (St John of God Midland) using a general anaesthetic

General Anaesthetic: 

Dr Nicole Hocek, our principal dentist, has a special interest in oral  surgery which includes the removal of wisdom teeth. 

Dr Hocek is credentialed to operate at both Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital and St John of God Midland, so she is able to perform all procedures under a general anaesthetic.

Dental Sense Midland have agreements with the hospital so there is no gap on the hospital stay if you are with a major health fund. The only out of pocket cost you will pay is on the dental treatment itself, and a small gap for the anaesthetist.

Dr Hocek operates a list at St John of God Midland regularly, so if you would like to enquire about treatment under a general anaesthetic give our clinic a call on 08 9250 8844

Intravenous Sedation (IV sedation) – Most affordable in Midland

IV Sedation is often referred to as sleep dentistry. We have a medical anaesthetist who will perform the sedation, and Dr Hocek will perform the procedure.

The anaesthetist will ensure that you are asleep throughout the procedure. This is a great option for those who would like to be asleep but don’t have private health insurance.

Our prices are the most affordable in Midland, due to the volume and frequency of procedures we perform!

We have listed below the approximate cost of the IV Sedation

IV Sedation Costs

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